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As the most important educational institution in south-eastern Bavaria, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences combines a multifaceted and innovative profile with solid regional roots and an international reputation. The close links between the university, industry and research are a key focus of ours. Our students discover a practical approach to learning and an ideal learning environment in this network. They acquire team skills and problem-solving expertise. We would like to offer you a glimpse of the wide-ranging expertise available here and fill you with enthusiasm for our strengths, our diversity and, of course, our university.

Small but great – excellent learning environment

Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is known for its open and friendly atmosphere. Whether it be the students, the lecturers or the staff: everyone is very committed to working together to shape the university. Intensive and individual support provided by lecturers, study in small group settings, application-focused teaching and training and the interdisciplinary exchange between the subjects and faculties are just some of the many small but great aspects that characterise everyday student life and the university campus. Added to this are the many well-equipped workshops and laboratories, which offer broad technical as well as creative scope for course-specific projects in all subjects.

Ready to jump up the career ladder - solid practical connection

Our students gain important experience that extends far beyond the boundaries of pure specialist knowledge by taking part in practical projects with partners from diverse industries. From project management through to specific research assignments, the concept of theory-practice transfer forms the focus of study at Rosenheim. Learning through actual projects encourages the development of elementary skills like the ability to work in a team and solve problems and prepares students for the challenges of the real working life in the best possible way.